“Let me ‘splain–no, there is too much–let me sum up”: wife, mother of 2 boys, lover of the Great Outdoors, avid traveler, fitness buff, baseball fan, amateur writer and photographer…etc.

I started Extra Innings when I realized I wanted to begin recording our family’s life and adventures…

…but somewhere along the line, it grew into so much more that I didn’t foresee…a way to nurture my passion for storytelling…a (mostly) acceptable forum in which to occasionally make stuff up (um…”slightly exaggerate” and/or “invent new words”)…and a thread to connect with people across the virtual divide.

Welcome to the shenanigans!

(P.S. the journey’s starting point actually dates back to 2008, so if you’d like to catch up on past tales of our collected hijinks (yep, 12 YEARS worth of them!), you are welcome to visit our previous home for older posts: thewestenders4.blogspot.com.

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