Fall field trip with friends

While there are lots of special things about this time of year, nothing shouts “Fall festivities” quite like pumpkins, amiright? Even when the late-ish October weather pulls a sly meteorological trick and presents you with a blazingly sunny, 80-degree day in which you find yourself dressing in shorts, a dri-fit tee shirt…and a sun hatContinue reading “Fall field trip with friends”

Unofficial Fall Break…why not?

One event that has reliably signaled Team WestEnders about the arrival of mid-October—at least in the past several years–is Derek’s Fall Break. While he usually has a 4-day stretch near the halfway point in the semester to come home, touch base with the fam, and relax, the university removed the holiday for 2020, due ofContinue reading “Unofficial Fall Break…why not?”

October hodgepodge

We’ve been spending a fairly quiet October so far in Casa WestEnders–with perhaps the biggest highlight of the early weeks being the gift of some glorious Fall weather. I swear, in the hot-and-humid season you just sort of….get used to…wrapping up an alfresco exercise session literally dripping with sweat from most parts of your body.Continue reading “October hodgepodge”

Making the most of Myrtle…

My Bonus Beach Bonanza Day dawned cloudy and drizzly…which made no difference whatsoever to me, delighted as I was to awaken and find myself still in close proximity to the ocean. As if I needed an extra reason to be cheerful, a quick Maps search turned up a handy-dandy Dunkin’ Donuts about a mile away,Continue reading “Making the most of Myrtle…”

Adventures of a beach babe…

I can pretty much set my imaginary watch (since I don’t wear an actual one) by the fact that every 2 months or so, if I haven’t gotten out of town for any reason, I’ll start to feel…increasingly antsy…and mildly disgruntled. Sure enough, Derek’s and my mini-road trip to Asheville took place in July…hence theContinue reading “Adventures of a beach babe…”

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