More western NC: trails and sidewalks…

I planned to kick off my bonus day of mountain meandering with another hike (shocking, right?)—this time traveling to Linville Falls, located along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I Googled the name with only a small amount of hope that it would understand what I meant, but I was both surprised and pleased when the appContinue reading “More western NC: trails and sidewalks…”

Another solo sojourn…

In the beginning of October, I relieved my ever-deepening pandemic funk by whisking myself away for a delightful weekend retreat of beach solitude. It worked so well that–even before I returned home to my familiar environment and routine–I’d already begun scheming in my head about “next month’s quest”. It didn’t take too much thought, really;Continue reading “Another solo sojourn…”

So, my middle name is NOT Magellan…

The theme for last week fell into the category of “well, whatever else may be happening (gestures vaguely at the world in general), thank goodness the weather gods continued to grace us with pleasant mid-November Fall conditions, so we could get the heck outside, ignore the news, and…meditate in nature…or what have you. That wasContinue reading “So, my middle name is NOT Magellan…”

Good things come to those who…have no choice but to wait?

Whew, it was….QUITE a week, y’all. Mostly, of course, due to the Election that Wouldn’t End. Like many Americans, I couldn’t seem to tear myself away from the news feed, even though it was agonizing, anxiety-inducing, and crushingly stressful to remain riveted to the ever…so…slowly developing narrative. (Related question: has “doomscrolling” officially been added toContinue reading “Good things come to those who…have no choice but to wait?”

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