When Santa is both serious…and silly!

Hello, fellow humans! (*waves over-enthusiastically to make up for having to send a virtual message…) We here at Casa WestEnders wish you cheerful greetings of the season, from that pleasant yet somewhat confusing space between Christmas and New Year’s, when time basically loses all meaning if you’re fortunate enough to have the week free fromContinue reading “When Santa is both serious…and silly!”

Ho, Ho, Holy Guacamole with these guys…

One recent evening when Team WestEnders was hanging out in the kitchen chatting, Husband suddenly exclaimed (with no segue whatsoever, I might add), “Hey, is it too late to take our annual pictures in front of the Christmas tree and send out cards?” Now, my immediate response—at least the one that popped into my head–wasContinue reading “Ho, Ho, Holy Guacamole with these guys…”

Mid-December Mashup

Hear me out: does anyone else feel like we all went to sleep one night and woke up in a world where the boundaries between two adjacent realities somehow slipped, and now we’re living on, I don’t know…Planet Whackadoodle? Where demented politicians whine about election results like badly-behaved 3rd graders who desperately deserve a time-out.Continue reading “Mid-December Mashup”

Machine takeover? Yes, please!

Everyone has at least one chore they loathe, like, with every fiber of their being, yeah? (And for the sake of argument here I’m not counting “scrubbing bathrooms”, which I’m placing firmly into the category of “universally despised”.) For me, it’s always been vacuuming. I can’t even tell you why, but for some reason I’veContinue reading “Machine takeover? Yes, please!”

Grateful for my favorite…turkeys

And then, suddenly, it was Thanksgiving. Right? In the never-ending year that has contained approximately 36 months–by my unofficial count–the holiday season has arrived. I mean, there was…semi-normal Winter…then Lockdown Spring…followed by Stay-at-Home Summer…leading to the double-whammy of Virus Surge/Election Chaos Fall. So yeah, now that I think about it, no wonder I’m perpetually discombobulated.Continue reading “Grateful for my favorite…turkeys”

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