No guts, no glory (adolescent edition)

Thanks to the strange times we live in, my son’s High School Cross-Country team just wrapped what had to be the longest season in the history of the world. Seriously, they started training in June…of last year…and–with the exception of short breaks for holidays–never slowed down or stopped until the State meet last weekend. I’dContinue reading “No guts, no glory (adolescent edition)”

Janu-whoo-hoo! (sorry…)

After coming in swinging, January fortunately seems to have gotten it together, calmed the heck down, and settled into much smoother sailing for the past several weeks. (Pause for a deep, grateful breath…continue…) Even the weather has been kind lately, having thus far spared us the–infrequent but not abnormal–“cold snaps” this season. Therefore a bootcampContinue reading “Janu-whoo-hoo! (sorry…)”

2021 is on probation…

Hey, there, I’m back! (*quickly checks the news to be sure I didn’t miss anything critical…recoils in horror and drops phone face down on the bed) Well, we’re certainly not going to address any of THAT, so no worries. I feel like with all the—you know (*waves hands around agitatedly)—I’m behind with the Team WestEndersContinue reading “2021 is on probation…”

A little room to vent

I can still vividly recall feeling overwhelmed with despair when I woke up after Election Day in 2016 to find that a narcissistic, unqualified, misogynistic, racist billionaire had somehow been elected to the presidency. I couldn’t fathom at the time how we’d managed to slide so far downhill from the dignity and leadership of theContinue reading “A little room to vent”

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