Well, since I was running anyway…

Hey, folks! Are you ready for the latest installment in the ongoing saga of “Things I Got Sucked into During a Pandemic that I Probably Never Would Have Done Otherwise”? (Whoo, that’s wordy, isn’t it? I’ll try to tighten that up later…) To be more specific, I’m referring to those heretofore non-existent events known asContinue reading “Well, since I was running anyway…”

Science and medicine, FTW!

Well, this past week was the very blah-est of blahs in my little corner of the globe. Chilly and soooooo rainy, with every gray day dripping gloomily into the next, the feeble light barely strong enough to illuminate the endless leaden landscape. Dramatic? You betcha! In my defense, I’ve never pretended that February and IContinue reading “Science and medicine, FTW!”

A rose by any other…nope, never mind…

So—just for laughs and a departure from our usual fare, to maybe liven and brighten up this dreary February afternoon?–how about we start today’s rambling nonsense with a story from ye olde vaulte, if you will. The tale in question hails from my personal family lore, and while I feel like I’ve relayed the detailsContinue reading “A rose by any other…nope, never mind…”

Amusing myself in February…

Ah, February…a word I strongly believe must come from the Latin for…well, whatever the ancient equivalent of “blah” is…amiright? (No, don’t Google it and correct me—it’s artistic license, people. Sheesh!) I mean, post-holidays, pre-Spring—there’s just not a whole lot to recommend it, in my opinion. Sure, there’s President’s Day, but does anyone even acknowledge thatContinue reading “Amusing myself in February…”

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