Gathering with Gamecocks…

After walking the HECK out of Gainesville and UF to give ourselves as thorough a self-introduction as possible to Gator Nation, Team WestEnders (the Away Squad) bid farewell to the Sunshine State, and commenced Part 2 of our southeastern adventure. Next up on the schedule: navigate about 350 miles northward to much more familiar territory,Continue reading “Gathering with Gamecocks…”

Galivanting with Gators

After what felt like yeeears (but in reality was only about 6 months…unbelievably) of dragging through the college application process, waiting for decisions, anticipating the all-important scholarship awards, and then weighing the pile of collected information…the High School Senior is understandably anxious at this point to make his final decision, commit to a school, andContinue reading “Galivanting with Gators”

Early Spring Flings…

And now, I present for you the latest edition of Johna’s Pandemic Amusements. As everyone knows (and laments), it was about a year ago when everything shut down—at least around here, in the small principality unofficially referred to as People Who Believe in Science and Follow Rules. (Its subjects do realize that’s far too wordy,Continue reading “Early Spring Flings…”

Zoo Review

Well, Mother Nature came through with another glorious Friday (bless you, ma’am!), permitting me to continue pursuing my loosely cobbled-together agenda of March Field Trips. As you may recall, last week I completed my garden gambol, so with the “flora” portion satisfied, the next logical item on my list was “fauna”. Thus I decided toContinue reading “Zoo Review”

Oodles of outdoor options

Hey, we made it through the February of our Discontent—good job, y’all! Although, to be fair, central NC seems to have skipped the whole “Winter” thing this year. Not sure exactly why…maybe someone in charge clicked the wrong button when ordering seasons, and only subscribed to the 3-pack option? Or based on what actually didContinue reading “Oodles of outdoor options”

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