The start of a new journey…

We’ve all met someone who’s passionate about…things that go vroom, right? People who can intelligently—and at length–expound upon topics like “the benefits of all-wheel drive” and “the development of continuously variable transmissions” and “an engine’s torque ratio”. (Although I could very well have invented that last one; I make no promises.) I, on the otherContinue reading “The start of a new journey…”

Shots all around! (in a manner of speaking…)

So…this whole “vaccine” thing, amiright? Ay yi yi…on the one hand, thanks to my employer, I was super-lucky to be able to receive my doses near the beginning of all the nonsense. But then I watched with growing anxiety as the rollout seemed to vary wildly in terms of how smoothly and quickly people wereContinue reading “Shots all around! (in a manner of speaking…)”


As anyone who’s ever stopped by my little corner of cyberland knows (Hi! Welcome!), I frequently entertain myself by exploring—whether in my metaphorical backyard, or further afield, as time, resources…and global pandemics…permit. Now, sometimes of course I wander off on my own, but occasionally I have the good fortune to play tour guide when out-of-townContinue reading “Rah-Rah-Raleigh!”

And the winner is…

Well, folks, here we are, a little over a year since the world shuddered to a screeching halt. While it goes without saying that there’s never going to be what one might call a “convenient time” for a global pandemic, we at Team WestEnders HQ found the shutdown particularly impactful as it related to Riley,Continue reading “And the winner is…”

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