Let’s call it…a metaphorical Win!

Over the past 14 months or so, no doubt we’ve all been inundated with stories about how the coronavirus has disrupted and darkened our lives in myriad ways. And of course I can’t speak for any other part of the world except my own little corner…but here and now, finally, we’re seeing glimmers of lightContinue reading “Let’s call it…a metaphorical Win!”

News from the 919…

Our first category for today can be titled “things I want to document, so that when I look back on this preposterous period in history, I can reminisce…and shake my head all over again”. Hmm…definitely much too wordy…let’s go with “weird s…tuff, May 2021 edition”? Diving right in, first there was the infamous Colonial PipelineContinue reading “News from the 919…”

Running into a bit of trouble…

As you may have gathered from a theme that appears fairly often in this ongoing saga, Team WestEnders is what you’d call a family of runners, with a well-established history of pounding the pavement (or dirt, as it were). For instance, I initiated my jogging career simply as a means of getting in shape forContinue reading “Running into a bit of trouble…”

Gamecock Digest…

Hey, Cyberland! Ready for your question of the day? Here goes: any other adults out there—long past their own educational endeavors–still find themselves following an academic schedule to organize their calendar? Well whattya know—us, too! Actually, we here at WestEnders HQ must adhere to 2 of them, in order to keep up with the pre-and-post-secondaryContinue reading “Gamecock Digest…”

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